Weight Loss with a Slow Metabolism, Can You Increase to Lose Weight?

Basal Metabolic RateAccording to MedlinePlus.gov, “Metabolism refers to all the physical and chemical processes in the body that convert or use energy.” Some of these processes are digesting food and nutrients, controlling body temperature, and even breathing. Could I achieve weight loss with a slow metabolism?

Metabolism – Is It Important, and Does It Stop Us From Shedding Pounds?

Our Metabolism is responsible for converting food and nutrients into energy. This is why it is called the “Furnace” or engine of our body. If this is not working to its full capacity, we cannot break down foods properly and use them as energy. In that case, our bodies would convert these foods into fat. Instead of losing weight, we would then gain weight.

Hormones regulate our Metabolism. Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body. They are released by the Endocrine glands, which are part of our Endocrine System, and help control our Metabolism and the way our organs work.

Metabolism and Hormones are interconnected. When our hormones are out of balance, we most probably will suffer from metabolic issues. A slow Metabolism or metabolic rate will cause weight problems or how effectively we can shed it. We need to make sure all of our systems are working correctly to lose weight effectively.

Age also plays a role in how efficiently our Metabolism works. According to PubMed.gov, Age is one of the most important factors in how our Metabolism works. Our metabolism changes as we get older. We burn fewer calories and break down foods differently. We also lose lean muscle.

What I Tried to Increase My Metabolism

Since a slow metabolism can hold me back from losing the weight I wanted to lose, I investigated options to increase it.

As you learned, hormones can also play a role in our metabolic rate. You also learned from earlier posts how my hormones seemed to have been out of whack for some time.

I began trying other vitamins aside from Vitamin C to see any change in my weight. I included Vitamin B6 and even B Complex to my daily intake of vitamins.

Then I began looking for other things that could help with my Metabolism. A friend suggested a supplement that I have never tried. I decided to go ahead and test it. At that point, I felt there was nothing to lose.

A Supplement to Lose Weight

After the first week with this supplement, I immediately saw a change, including my energy level. I felt lighter and had more energy to exercise. Then, I saw two pounds drop. It was incredible. I continued taking the supplement with my vitamins and the following week saw two more pounds gone when I stepped on the scale. For the first time in years, I found something that was helping.

I usually read the label of supplements because I am curious about the products and what they are made of. As I did, I saw some ingredients that took me a bit by surprise. I read further to learn more and this is what I found.

Natural Ingredients

First, the ingredients are all-natural. Second, one of them is Ginger. That was great news for me since I believe in natural and organic. As you see from what I have been sharing with you, I have looked to vitamins as a way to lose weight. After so many other things I have tried, vitamins are one of the best things I have used to bring back my body from pain and reduced inflammation.

OtCalcium Tabletsher Important Ingredients – Calcium

Other ingredients that called my attention were GoBHB Proprietary Blend – Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate. The one element that stopped me in my tracks was the Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate. The reason is that my last blood work revealed that I had a low Calcium count. And, the second physician I went to visit prescribed me Calcium for daily intake.

Now, these pills were huge. I don’t particularly appreciate consuming and having to swallow tons of drugs daily. I think this is another one of my weaknesses. I have to work my brain to accept that I need to so that I can drink them. It is bad enough when it’s a few pills; imagine the stress of such a giant tablet. Although I know I should be drinking them, that alone is a deterrent to do so.

When I got this supplement, I immediately began searching to find out more, especially on how Calcium can help with weight loss. I learned of an interesting study that found that calcium intake can help with obesity, especially in women. Now, that was a breakthrough for me. The study indicated that a high dose per week of Vitamin D and a calcium supplement would help with weight loss. Not only did the study speak to Calcium helping women lose weight, but also how it could improve health biomarkers. Wow! This was incredible to me.

Now I have known that I probably have done very poorly with calcium intake throughout my life. In fact, as a baby, I quit wanting to drink milk very early. According to my parents, I was roughly only one year old when I pitched the milk bottle against the wall in my bedroom and refused to drink it again. Yes, I do still eat cheese and in my elementary and high school years even drank milk, so long as it had chocolate in it, but I did not love it.

My doctor visits have also revealed that I need Calcium, and it has even been prescribed as a supplement. But that it can help me lose weight and help me become healthier? That was news to me. I wondered why in the world didn’t a doctor tell me this sooner. I know that Calcium is good for your bones, and you should take it regularly to keep them healthy to avoid Osteoporosis, but, that it could help me lose weight and improve my health biomarkers? I thought, well, so much for keeping things secret docs. Shame on you. Had I known this before, I would have been making sure it was the first pill I drank every day!

Now that I knew this, I made sure to take this supplement daily as directed. And sure enough, I saw those pounds begin to drop and felt so much better almost instantly.  Within a week, I had lost one pound. I had the same effect other times and then the following week I gained it back, so I did not jump for joy just yet and told myself to wait and see what happened the following week.

I continued taking the supplement while also taking Vitamin B6 and C. Week two came about, another pound lost. Just one. I still did not want to get too excited and thought, I will wait for the third week to see.

A New Diet To Try

As the third week began, I spoke with my daughter because she had tried out a diet that worked for her. Since I was already working towards eating healthier, I decided to begin learning more about this diet. And I am glad I did because, by week three, I did not lose any weight. I am not sure what to attribute that to, but I decided I would keep using the supplement and begin the diet she tried that gave her good results.

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