Methods, Non Prescription Weight Loss Pills aka Fat Burners, and Diets that I Tried

As I kept searching for ways to lose weight, I stumbled upon many options. One of the more popular things many of us do especially in our younger years is not eat much. This was something I practiced as a young teenager. It worked most of the time, but I usually could not keep it up for long. As an adult, after having children and while on oral contraceptives, that did not work period. If I lost two pounds, within days, I had gained it back. I tried eating more fruits but stayed hungry. I exercised daily, awfully hard, but did not drop even one pound. And so I continued looking into other things. Below I share some of them and the results I saw when I used them.

Non Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Of course, then there were also popular pills, the Non Prescription Weight Loss Pills. Moreover, there were many to choose from. I cannot remember all the ones that I first tried but know that I tried at least two or three types. The result was similar. Maybe I shed a few pounds in the beginning, but then I gained them all back. One that I remember well, probably because of the strange name, contained Garcinia Cambogia. Other Fat Burners also called supplements that I tried were Forskolin and Green Tea Extract. Learn more about these fat burners by visiting Their Fat burners: nutrition supplements that increase fat metabolism Abstract mentions all of these, and they link to an explanation of each.

Slim Fast

As it became more difficult to lose the weight in my older years, I started trying other things. One of the first things I tried, probably because it was widely available, was shakes. Slim Fast was the one I tried first. It appeared to work in the beginning, but again I felt hungry and unfulfilled often.

Fen Phen

I then went to see a doctor, especially with the purpose of seeing how he could help me. I met my cousin one day while shopping and noticed how much weight she had lost. I asked her what she did, and she mentioned weight loss pills her doctor prescribed had done the trick.

She happened to work at the same doctor’s office. I made an appointment to see him. At my appointment, he prescribed the pills. They were called Fen Phen. According to the Meriam Webster Dictionary, Fen Phen is “a former diet drug combination of phentermine with either fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine.” It is also described as an herbal preparation that contained ephedra and Saint-John’s wort and suppressed appetite. The meaning also explains that in 2004, ephedra was banned in the US by the FDA.

I can remember taking these pills for only one month and not having much success. One month later, the doctor told me he would not refill my prescription at my follow-up appointment because the product had been pulled off the market. Since I did not get a refill or a new prescription for an alternate pill, I gave up on that fast.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is explained as not a diet but more a way of eating. Those who follow this way of eating follow certain practices to eat at specific times to control how their body burns fat and calories, thereby helping them shed pounds. The Fasting for weight loss: an effective strategy or latest dieting trend Abstract in explains what this form of eating is.

I think I have practiced intermittent fasting all my life and not intentionally on many occasions. Having a full-time job and being a mother and wife, eating as I should, is quite challenging. I found I did eat when I was hungry most of the time and found that I would miss eating on time because of being busy. By the time I got around to eating sometimes, I was not hungry anymore and was full of gas. It made it uncomfortable to eat when I felt that way. I did see changes in my weight when I did this, even when I was not doing so purposely. I also saw some results when I did follow this method of weight loss purposely. Still, because of being so busy, I could never follow through with it for a consistent period.

Herbal Life Tea

I tried the Herbal Life Tea when I spoke with a close friend who had lost some weight and shared with me that is how she did it. Unfortunately, I did not see much results and experienced headaches when I drank the tea. It also contains caffeine, which I have found when I consume too much of, my stomach becomes irritated.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is an herb. describes Black Cohosh as “a perennial dicot of the Buttercup family native to the Eastern half of the United States and Canada. It is also known as baneberry, black snakeroot, bug root, and bugbane. Preparations of black cohosh are made from the roots and rhizomes. Black cohosh is considered an herbal remedy or dietary supplement”.

I consumed Black Cohosh as directed, one pill twice a day. For a while, it seemed to have helped me lose weight. After I regained the 20 pounds and became sick from the virus I mentioned before, I could not drink it for a while. When I was able to and tried again, I noticed I did not lose anything. A side effect was that I was experiencing some bad headaches. When I stopped drinking them, the headaches stopped.

Lemon water ginger pepper

Lemon Water with Ginger and Cayenne Pepper

Lemon water is exactly that, lemon juice in water. According to the US Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of lemon juice has 38.7 milligrams of Vitamin C, 6 milligrams of Calcium, and 6 milligrams of Mangesium. According to, Ginger is an herb and medicinal product that helps with inflammation. Cayenne Pepper according to the Meriam Webster Dictionary is hot peppers seeds. It’s scientific name is Capsicum annuum longum. It is believed that it can be used to fight obesity. The red pepper’s spicy ingredient capsaicin activates AMPK in HepG2 cells through CaMKKβ Introduction according to states that consuming this condiment “is associated with a lower prevalence of obesity”.  

I saw some inflammation go away while drinking this water concoction. This drink is not easy to consume because it is not delicious. It is easy to drink lemon water but when it has pepper in it, the spiciness and the pepper’s graininess floats up to the top of the glass, making it unappetizing. The bit of weight I lost while drinking it for a week was probably water weight. Of course, then I gained it back.

Colon Cleansing

I believe Colon Cleansing has a similar effect to losing water weight. Although I lost a few pounds, about four in two weeks, it seemed that once the body got used to the consumption of these pills, it would not have the same effect. And having to use the bathroom regularly to empty the bowels is something to get used to. Colon cleansing: a popular, but misunderstood natural therapy Abstract explains how this is a natural therapy that is often misunderstood. I must admit that the cleansing did make me feel a lot lighter and felt refreshing. Still, this is a method that must be followed for some time and not as a lifestyle. There are instructions on how long a person can consume these pills, per instance, to cleanse the body.

Other Things I Tried – Exercise

There were many things I tried to lose weight. Some helped for a little while. Others I could not keep doing for a consistent period even though they did work.

I also tried exercising while I tested some of these pills, diets, and methods. Next, I will share some of the exercises that worked and others that did nothing at all.

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