Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight Review

Over the years, I have used various exercise equipment. The ones I consider the best are because of their ease of use.

Below I describe what I consider good exercise equipment that I feel is worth investing in. Due to my limited time during the day, I prefer to stop work and switch over to exercise quickly.

As I mentioned earlier in my blog, nothing beats walking. When I can take a stroll outside, I ensure I do. When I am limited to it, usually because it is raining outside or working longer hours, I use my Treadmill. I made sure to get one for this reason.

Treadmill – Weslo Cadence

Throughout my life, I have had two Treadmills. The first was an all built-in monster of a machine. It had all the features the regular machines do and a bit more. When I say monster, I mean that. That’s because this machine was massive and heavy.

I had to move out to a smaller apartment, and because it was so big and took up so much room, I decided to sell it and purchase a smaller version.

The new machine was more compact but had similar if not the same features as the larger one. The difference was that it wasn’t as tall or wide and didn’t take up the same amount of space. I worked perfectly in the smaller apartment.

The new Treadmill, which I use often, is a Weslo Cadence. It is very sturdy and can also be used for running. It has ten programmed exercise settings. One is to burn calories, and the other to burn fat. The display provides the miles per hour walked, calories burned, and speed. Heart rate readings are accessed by placing a thumb on the display heart monitor. It folds down or up and can be moved by pushing it on small wheels. It allows for 220 lbs of weight.

On a 1 to 10 rating, I give this machine a 7. It serves its purpose and has worked well for me for the three years I have owned it. I use it primarily for walking. Once in a while, I do jogging or HIIT sprinting on it.

Craftmanship and durability I will rate a bit lower because this is not a top of the line machine. It also is not one of those automatic change of level machines. I have to change the level manually. You can purchase it at it’s lowest price on Walmart at $298. A similar model is available in Amazon from the Sunny Health Brand if this one is not available for purchase. It runs for approximately $409.26.

If you are a runner, this may not be the best choice. A higher grade machine is more suitable for severe running and withstanding of repeat use, impact, and more prolonged use. This would mean higher investment. Machines such as those built and produced by Norditrack such as the NordicTrack Commercial Series fits this description.

Exercise Bicycle – ProForm

The ProForm 230 U Exercise Bike with Silent Magnetic Resistance – SMR, is an excellent piece of equipment I use intermittently with my treadmill. It features a display that gives you calories burnt, speed, and distance readings. It also has a heart rate monitor that senses pulse through the handles by placing your thumbs on the sensor. It has programmed calories routine settings and watts settings. The chair adjusts so you can make it higher or lower depending on your needs.

I can do fast pedaling on this machine. It is an upright machine. I like this because I can stand when I need to when the resistance is higher, as when simulating a going uphill movement or run. The resistance settings are changed easily on the display with the touch of a button. And, it is truly silent, no noise from the change of resistance. It has a water bottle holder.

I rate this machine a 7. It is a lower grade machine but does its job if what you want is a programmed setting exercise or a 30-minute high low interval exercise. It does not allow for movement of the handrail, nor does it extend as those used in gyms in spin classes. It comes at a very affordable price and is the cheapest in Walmart at $390.

For a hardcore biker to train on, a higher grade and brand bike would be preferable. They would be better at withstanding wear and tear and repeated use and would be more durable. The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is an option for this need.

I use to own a larger recumbent bike, but the display went bad about a year after I bought it. I did not feel it allowed for an upright bike’s same exercise experience since you constantly have to be sitting to exercise. I thought it was more a workout for my legs and didn’t feel it activated my chore (stomach muscles) the way this bike does. I sold it to purchase this bike instead.

Resistance Bands

I have owned a few resistance bands in my life, but these are the ones that have lasted. The ones I owned before often broke right at the handle after a while. I would tie them back together or loop them around the handle to hold me up until I purchased new ones. With these, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. That is the feature I like about them the most. And, the handle can be removed and attached to all the bands that come in the set. That’s a great advantage.

With this design, you get five bands, 10 to 50 lbs, for the price of one. You can also attach more than one at a time to add weight and resistance.  They come with ankle bands and a block for doorways for exercise variations. I rate these an 8, and the only reason is that I feel they are not weights like those used for traditional weightlifting. If you have an injury and cannot use that type of weight, these are excellent. They even bring a carry bag so you can take  them with you on trips. I found the most affordable at Amazon:



Weights are preferred, especially for serious weightlifting exercise sessions. They are widely known for muscle building and were traditionally used for many years before resistance bands began showing up in the market. For the serious trainer, a traditional set will work best. I am not a hardcore weight lifter, but at my age, I do lose muscle easier. I have a combination of weights and resistance bands. I have not yet gone over 30 pounds but do put in a 20-minute workout every other day with weights. There is a myriad of weight equipment that can be found in Amazon and many online sites. I use an older set, and some of the more popular ones readily found in most stores.  I have the smaller weights sets and have worked up to 10 pounds. I rate them a good 9 only because I have used others in a gym when I have traveled for work, and those are definite 10. There are affordable sets in Amazon:

Back Support Floor Mat – Solofit Ab Exercise Mat

When I exercise my core, I do floor ab exercises often.  I like to do them on this ideal mat that supports the tailbone and my back. It prevents the pocket and arch that we tend to form when we exercise our abs on the floor.  It is perfect for this type of exercise and prevents injury to your back and tailbone. It is very affordable. I rate this a 10.  Details for this mat – Cheapest in Amazon:

Getting Ready to Exercise – Best Exercise Attire Review

To prepare for an exercise session, I do ensure I do a few things to make them as comfortable and effective as possible. Below are some of the things I do to get ready for an exercise session.

Dress in Exercise Attire – This is not a surprise since using an exercise bicycle, the degree of movement when performing aerobics exercises, and the constant stretching when we exercise requires comfortable clothing. I, of course, prefer the cotton absorbing type. Many brands have focused on manufacturing pieces to fulfill that need. I dress up in Athletic and Workout Wear that includes various pieces, including leggings, yoga shirts, and exercise bras. It is essential to be dressed for the occasion, especially for this type. I wouldn’t want my jeans to get trapped on my exercise bicycle pedals and cause me a fall and tear my nice clothing. I also wouldn’t want to tear my lovely work trousers when squatting. It’s just not made for that. I particularly like the Baleaf clothing and running jacket

I give that one a 10. I just love the feel, that it makes me sweat, and is easy to clean. Check other Amazon.com : exercise clothing that is worth taking a look at.

Bring All Supplies Needed to Exercise – Best Exercise Supplies and Devices Review

From music to water, we do need certain things handy while we exercise. Below is a list of things I bring along when I am going to engage in an exercise routine:

Towel – Preferably a medium cotton hand towel similar to those found in the gym. They are absorbing and can help keep you from slipping and falling if you wet the floor a lot while sweating.

Water Bottle filled with water – Elvira 32oz Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle with Time Marker: I love this bottle. The reason is that drinking water is one thing I have a constant challenge keeping up with daily. This bottle helps me reach my hydration goals and needs.

I love the messages because they remind me to hydrate and motivate me to keep drinking. The colors are so bright and get me in a happy mood. It is a great bottle, especially for those who have trouble getting motivated to drink water. I rate this bottle a 9. That is because I have seen the one that vibrates to remind you to drink water and has a light. If I had that I would probably rate it a 10, so long as it did not present any other early signs of problems. Check out the Motivational Fitness Water Bottle in Amazon:

Music Speaker (if won’t use earphones): Alexa Echo Dot: 4th Generation: A smart speaker is a significant advantage considering all the great things it can do for you. This speaker is an excellent alternative to earphones or earbuds when I don’t feel like using them. Plus, it responds to my requests. If I want it to play music, all I have to do is command it to play it. And it also can tell me the weather, play the news and many other things. Plus it can control my home. I use it more for exercising, especially when I am pressed for time. I like the light at the bottom. It keeps a nice little glow at night and works as a night light when you move around the house in the dark, illuminating the way. I rate this speaker an 8 because I have the 3rd generation one and find they are about the same. I find the 3rd generation just as good or even better in the sound quality. These are very affordable at Amazon:

Earphones for music – Phaiser Wireless Earphones: This is a nice set of wireless earphones that I use when exercising. They are Bluetooth so that I can connect them to my Apple iPod without cables. They can also connect to the TV, laptop, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices. They have ear hooks, so they will stay steadily in my ears as I move. I like the design because it stays in place behind my neck as well. They are lightweight and have a lifetime sweatproof warranty. The warranty replaces them if they ever get damaged by sweat. I rate these an 8 because the battery does not last as long as I would like. Still, the Apple Earbuds Earphones are just as good and my other choice.

Device to play music – Apple Ipod Touch: You’re probably wondering why I would spend money on one of these if I could get the cell phone that also plays music. That is true. My reason is that my cell phone battery gets drained quicker when I use it to exercise. I have a limited time to get my exercise in, in the morning, and then I use my cell phone for work as well, so I prefer keeping my cell phone battery charged and use the iPod for exercising. It is just as great as the phone and works just as nicely. It is also very affordable. I rate this a 9 because it’s not a cell phone and cannot receive calls as a cell phone can. One of the best priced is found on Amazon:

Yoga Floor Mat: Yoyi Travel Yoga Mat with Carrying Case: Traditional exercise does not usually require a floor mat, but I prefer using one, especially when I stretch and do aerobic exercises. This is because my floor is tiled (it is an older house. I eventually moved to one), and they are slippery. I find this Yoyi Yoga Mat fits my needs nicely. It has lasted me a couple of years without much evidence of wear and even comes with a travel case to take it with me. Of course, it is great for Yoga. I give it an 8 from 10. You can get your own at a reasonable price at Amazon:



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18 thoughts on “Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight Review

  1. Thanks for the Review. I was wondering how effective a few of these are. I have a set of resistance bands. I know that they are good for building muscles and I use them for explosive based exercises. My Gf wasn’t sure if she wanted to use them but not I can share this with her and hopefully, she gives them a try. 

    1. Thank you Dane for your comment. I am so happy that I am able to help you and your significant other decide if she wants to make the purchase of these resistance bands. You have made my day as this is the reason I am sharing my story, to help people like her and you. The satisfaction of helping others is so motivating. Let me know once she decides to get them and when she does, how they are working for her. Wishing you both all the best! Nyny

  2. Hi Nyny,

    I agree with you that walking and biking is the best way to control weight. I like the items you have chosen to display for people to have on hand for continuous use. This is the key, you have to use it regularly.

    My wife and I have purchased a cheap set of stationary bikes and put them right in the middle of the living room. In the past, we would do the worst thing you can do. After a long day, we prepare dinner, eat and sit and watch tv. Now, after eating we still sit and watch tv before bed but we are on a bike and burning off what we just took in. It is still relaxing and helps to control the weight gain from inactivity after eating.

    This is a great thing, I wish you the best in helping others to discover ways to help keep them in shape and healthy!


    1. Hi Chad,

      I am so happy to hear that you and your wife are already using one of these items to stay in shape and continue working towards your health.

      I like your tactic of keeping them in the living room, so once you have finished dinner and before bed, you can put in some time on them to keep exercising. That is great! I must laugh because I, too, have mine in the living room. There is the saying – Great minds think alike!

      It is lovely to hear you are already practicing ways to achieve wellness and maintain overall health. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story. I wish you and your wife all the best!

  3. Hello there! This is a great review on the various exercise equipment for each type. I also really like how the ones you suggested are also ones we can have at home during this COVID pandemic. I noticed you didn’t provide an affiliate link for resistance bands, do you have any recommendations? Thank you for also providing some recommended supplies for when taking part in some of these exercises (I tend to forget my water).

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed my review, found it useful, and that I was able to help you. 

      The resistance bands I was referring to that I use and work for me are the ones I have in my site in the box under that section. I found those in Amazon at an affordable price. Just click on the box for the item and you will be taken to the item or you can click this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D

      If that is not what you meant, please reach out again and provide me more detail so I can address your question or send an email to nynyj@heatlhandweightloss.com.

      Please do come back often as I continue posting other valuable information and stories on my blog.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Informative article for home workout equipment.  I have a treadmill at home.  I purchased it after we moved to our new home.  We live on 20 acres but we live in Michigan and we have about 4 feet of snow.  It’s a little dangerous to exercise outside right now and that is why I got a treadmill.  I like how you show the different exercise items you can use at home.  I prefer to workout at home versus a sweaty, smelly gym but hey some people like the social aspect of a gym.  I prefer the privacy of my own home to work out.

    1. Hi, Chris,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing. I can certainly understand the challenge of trying to walk or exercise outside when you have 4 feet of snow. Although I have not experienced this ever in my life, and in this side of the world, I am in the Caribbean, we still do have rainy days and thunderstorms. Some of these can last some days and can cause flooding. Every so often we also must cope with very windy days. And, you may have heard of the Hurricanes that we have had to endure.

      Exercise equipment in the house works great for these occasions as you already know. I can appreciate and relate to you preferring to exercise at home instead of a gym. That is my preference also. Some people enjoy the gym because of the socializing as you mention, but these days we also must worry about the virus.

      With heavy snow and low temperatures and the virus wreaking havoc, it feels that now more than ever, we need to exercise at home. I am glad my blog was useful to you. Come back often so you can get more information on this and other related topics to health and weight loss.

      Best Wishes,


  5. Thanks for sharing this review, I totally agree with you when you say, nothing beats walking, I will like to add running too to the list, because when you walk or run you don’t just exercise one part of you body, but the whole body. what stood out for me in the review is the treadmill, I believe it is a good way to substitute walking or running outside when conditions are not favorable to do so, I like the fact that it is very affordable. It also interesting that you have used most of the exercise equipment in your review it really adds lots of value, thanks again!

    1. Thank you Nedia for your comment. I am glad to hear that my exercise equipment review was useful to you. I hope you will share it with others so they too can benefit from it.

      Please do come back and visit my site often, and share with friends and family as I share new and more information on health and weight loss.

      Best Wishes,


  6. This definitely seems like a good article that is informative on losing weight, I mentioned this only because I have had some bad experiences with other articles who just ramble about nothing and don’t give any useful advice. But your article is actually provide some valuable information for people who are trying to lose weight at this time. I don’t personally have that issue, but my mom does and I will be sending this article to her I hope you don’t mind

    1. Hello Misael,

      I am so happy to hear my article is of some value to you and you found it informative and helpful. This is why I have began this journey of sharing with people.  I know many have gone through the same or similar experience of struggling with weight loss and staying healthy.

      And, of course, please share with your mom, family, and friends.  I hope they too will find it helpful.

      Please do come back as I continue to update the blog with more and new information.

      Wishing you and yours all the best,


    1. Hello Elviz,

      I am so glad you found my exercise equipment review beneficial to you. I apologize for the delay in replying. I have been tied up with other things. I am happy that this information will help you as you are beginning your weight loss challenge. Mine began many years ago, but it was not until recently that I got truly serious about it once more after resolving some challenges. I am four months in and have lost 20 pounds already. At my age, that is a true win!

      Please do return as I update the information on my site. And feel free to ask me any questions you may have or update me on your progress.

      Best wishes,

  7. You were very clear and descriptive with each equipment. I needed to reference back to my current needs as I search for the best item for my workouts and I read the benefits of each. I will be choosing the treadmill as I begin my cardio strength build up. Thank you! Please feel free to check me out as well.

    1. Hello Elviz Moncada,

      It is wonderful to know that my review has been useful for you. 

      As I stated, I use the treadmill daily, especially for walking indoors. We have been experiencing a lot of rain lately, and I am glad I have it because I don’t have to wait for the rain to stop. In fact, I can exercise while it is raining and not get wet. It is a great advantage.

      This piece of equipment has programmed routines that get your heart rate up. They are challenging and will get you to put in that calories burning workout. Some of the workouts are weight-loss-focused, and others are for performance.

      Please share it here and let me know how it’s working out for you if you do get one. It would be great to hear about your experience.

      I hope you keep working towards your weight loss and health goals. I look forward to hearing from you again. I will be checking out your site.

      Best wishes,


  8. Some great ideas here for working out at home, and even though getting all this equipment is quite expensive, in the long run, you will save a fortune on gym fees, as well as petrol to get to the gym and back.

    What really intrigued me was the back support floor mat. I would love one of these and have never seen one quite like it before. What a great idea to have something to support your lower back while doing leg work and also something to put your wrists on while doing things like push-ups.

    I wonder if they have similar mats but with the sponge on both sides of the lifted section so that you can have your whole body on the mat at once.

    1. Hello Michel,

      I am glad my site was helpful and informative. I am in agreement with you that exercise equipment at home will save the gas to transport us to the gym. It also saves us the gym membership. It is frustrating when we pay for one and don’t get to the gym enough to take advantage of it.

      As for the floor mat with the back support, it is a great item to use to exercise for leg lifts and many other floor exercises. I have not seen one with the sponge on both sides as you describe. If I do, I will surely share it here.

      Thank you for visiting my site and come back often to learn what’s new as I share updates.

      Best wishes,


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