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So you have read that I have successfully lost weight with the Keto Diet. By now, you may have checked on what the diet is and some of the recipes. Still, this diet may not be suitable for everyone, and for some who might have already tried it, it may not have helped them shed the weight.

We are all different, and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. If you ever asked why there are so many diets out there, remember this is why. I always look at all that is available and believe everyone should. Below are other different diets to lose weight that are also effective for some.

A study demonstrated that some could lose weight following some of these diets. Other diets focus on ensuring those that follow them continue to prevent certain diseases in addition to weight loss. Below are some of these diets and a short description.

According to the Merck Manual Medical Encyclopedia, some of the diets mentioned below limit calories or carbohydrates or focus on the goal of achieving weight loss with the primary purpose of preventing the contracting of chronic diseases.

 Paleo Diet Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is based on a diet that was followed by our ancestors during the Paleolithic Era. It is based on eating foods collected by them when they went out hunting and gathering their food for daily consumption. Vegetables and fruits, as well as protein and nuts, are part of this diet. It is believed it is easier to follow than the Keto Diet.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet limits calories to about 2,000 calories a day by restricting carbohydrates. It does not place limits on the amount of protein and fats that can be consumed. This diet is very similar to the Keto and the Paleo diets. Note that carbohydrates are restricted as well when you follow this plan.

Mediterranean Diet

It has been proven scientifically that this diet promotes overall health. Following this diet has resulted in the reduction of heart diseases and other related heart conditions. It includes foods consumed in Spain and Greece, that being why it’s called the Mediterranean Diet. Foods that can be consumed as part of this diet are fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, olive oil, and even wine.


This diet helps people who suffer from high blood pressure or what is known as Hypertension and even those who don’t, even if they don’t lose weight. That is a great reason to follow this plan.

The DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet, allows the consumption of fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Red meat and sweets are a no, no, when following this diet.


Diets High in Fiber Fiber

From the time I understood anything related to nutrition, I understood that high fiber diets help you feel fuller longer. Fiber allows you not to eat more times than you should in a day. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. You still should be careful with your fruit intake since the amount of sugar consumed daily can increase, thereby foiling your efforts to lose weight, which does not do anything positive for your health. The Merck Manual Medical Encyclopedia provides you more information on what you can eat when following a High Fiber Diet.


What About Desserts? – Desserts that Help You Avoid Weight Gain

If you did not click on my link for Keto Recipes, you missed the book on making desserts low in sugar and carbohydrates. In many instances, blogs like mine speak only about foods such as those we prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, many do not want to have much to do with dieting because sweets are entirely prohibited. No one wants to hear that they cannot eat sweet desserts and who can blame them. I, for one, have a weakness for cakes myself.

Sugar, as you know, has been linked to weight gain and chronic conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to make desserts low in carbs and sugar. Keto desserts can be made with monkfruit-based sweeteners to keep them low in sugar yet healthy. They have zero calories and won’t get your sugar levels spiking. They work great, and my desserts have tasted just as good as if I was using regular sugar.

Keto Desserts


The Keto Recipe books I shared in my previous post are a great resource to learn how to make low carb and sugar desserts. The great part of using the recipes and making the desserts is that you can still enjoy them without feeling guilty. I have made Keto styled cheesecake, and although it is not the same as a regular cheesecake, I rather make it and eat it guilt-free, than eat the real thing and then feel guilty later, plus worry that I am not helping my health.

I can imagine many of you, especially the ladies and mothers, are thinking that you may not be able to bake a dessert every day. This, of course, is one of the reasons why many of us resort to the already made delicious desserts at the corner bakery or close by supermarket when we go for groceries. It is easier right? That’s true, but I still try to find the time to make these delicious carbs and sugar-free creations when I can. When I can’t, I try to find the best alternatives.

As you know, many companies have become very conscious of our wants and needs and know that they somehow have to meet these demands to continue in business. They have begun creating products that we can purchase with these exact specifics – no sugar, or low sugar, low carbs. When I am not able to bake my Keto style low carbs and sugar desserts, I pick up an alternative at the store. I particularly like the Fiber One Brownie. It has 2 grams of sugar and 5 grams of carbs. This is one of the alternatives to baking a low sugar and carb treat when I don’t have time to bake it. I also just love the SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Mint Cups. I love mint. They are truly delicious. I can’t always find them in the local store, so I order them in bulk to keep some on hand to last me a while. These also come in caramel.

A reminder, losing weight also requires exercise, so once you begin a diet plan, you also must include it in your daily routine.

Once you do, you will be on your way to true overall health. In my next post, I help you exercise by describing what I make sure to have with me when I go for an exercise session. I have finally been able to start those up again. I also share a review of the exercise equipment I use.

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