Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Beginning a weight loss plan usually involves exercise. Yes, dieting and what we eat is essential, but so is physical activity. It is also a requirement to stay healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that physical activity can make you feel better, function better, and sleep better. Being physically active also fosters normal growth and development, improves overall health, can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.  What was the best exercise to lose weight for me? Read on to learn more.

Exercises I Have Tried Throughout My Life

Throughout my life, I have tried different types of exercises to lose and maintain my weight. In my young years, most of the exercise routines I engaged in were cardio. In high school, we did a lot of running and what is known as routine physical exercises.

As I shared before, the consumption of oral contraceptives to rectify my hormonal issues at such a young age did come with consequences. There was a time when no exercise made much of a difference.

After high school, and when I had gained 20 more pounds within two months, I engaged in lots of cardio and changed my diet. Below are other exercises, equipment that I used or still use now, when I used the equipment or engaged in the activity, and the results.


I have engaged in this type of exercise all my life. As long as I am not on oral contraceptives and before 40, this worked well most of the time. When this is the only exercise I am engaging in weekly, I will do so by walking for an hour daily.


This is an exercise I have engaged in most of my life. It became my daily routine, especially around my 30’s, after I had lost 30 pounds unexpectedly because of becoming ill. I found that although I was slimmer, I experienced pains and even insomnia quite a bit during those years. I started walking daily in the mornings and evenings, for a half-hour, 7 days a week. I walked before the sunrise so I would while it was still cool, and before I had to get ready for work and a half-hour after work. It truly helped me feel better and rest in the night when it was time to sleep.


This is a piece of exercise equipment I have used most of my life and presently use. I use it for walking mostly. Every so often, I will jog for a bit on it. I have it, especially for those days when I cannot go walking in the morning because it is raining outside.

Stationary Bicycle

This is a piece of exercise equipment I have been using for about three years. When I must stay indoors because it is raining outside, I also use it. Sometimes I alternate between the treadmill and the bicycle to change the monotony of walking, so I maintain a diverse exercise routine, and it does not become boring.


I did a bit of this exercise between 2018 and 2019. It is an excellent workout, and I especially enjoyed it because it is a dancing exercise. I did not see much change in my weight when I was following this regime, however. I also felt I needed more targeted and more strenuous exercise to lose weight. That observation led me to try out Figure 8.

Figure 8

This is an exercise regime that I began last year (2020) around May. That is also around the time I was experiencing lots of pain in my mid-section and waist. I lost some fat mass when I began following this regime. I enjoy dancing, and this was a great addition to my workouts.

Interval Training

I tried this type of exercise for a short period in 2019. I was doing the interval running. Around the same time I started, I began feeling lots of pain even in my knees, legs, and right arm. Because of it, I had to suddenly drop the regime. I did not experience any weight loss while doing this exercise that year but did in my younger years.


This exercise is a great exercise to follow when I did not have a lot of time in the mornings for my walks. A week every month on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I had to be out of the house earlier for work. This exercise was a great alternative. I was able to maintain my weight with this regime but not lose weight.


Last year (2019), I was able to lose some fat mass with this regime. I incorporated it with my walks. Every week I would walk on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and weight lift on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 20 minutes. Although I did not lose much weight last year, I saw some clothing begin to fit better. I still do at least 10 minutes of this exercise twice a week.

How these Exercises Have Helped Me Stay Active and Lose or Maintain Weight

Presently I continue to faithfully walk, use the treadmill and stationary bike, and weightlift. I also do Figure 8 at least once a month.

These exercises have helped me maintain my weight since I lost the last ten pounds in the last two months between October and November. They also helped with managing the pains that I experienced.

I especially enjoy walking outdoors. At the age of 49, it is recommended to walk more than any other exercise. As the daily life routine can push our cortisol, stress, and anxiety levels upscale, walking and taking a stroll around your neighborhood or a park or in places you enjoy help bring them down to normal levels.

The walking I engage in when around my neighborhood is not a brisk walk; it is a regular stroll paced walk. I take in the Walking2scenery and observe the things around me, such as the landscape, trees, animals, the clouds, homes, and the items around their yard, cars, and so on. This relaxed walking is meant to calm the nerves, thereby bringing back to normal cortisol levels. It is a great way to enjoy exercise and does not feel like that is what you are doing. For me, walking has been the best exercise.

Exercise, Eating Habits and a Few More Ingredients Equaled the Best Way to Lose Weight

The combination of this exercise, good eating habits, and a few more ingredients are what have finally helped me regain my good health.

Next, I will share what those last ingredients are.

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