Welcome to my Health and Weight Loss Website – Ways to Lose Weight. Here you will learn of some methods that I and some family members have practiced and tried to lose weight. You will hear how some were effective and about others that did not work very well. Some plans involved taking vitamins regularly and others involved taking fat blockers. Diet plans that involved certain foods and certain low carb diets were also some things we tried and tested.

Why This is Important to Me

Through the course of my life I have fluctuated in weight often. As a 48-year-old female and mother of two, I have finally arrived at a more comfortable place with my weight. I have a young daughter who has followed a specific diet plan and has seen results.

As a young girl at 13 years of age I suffered certain health issues that caused for me to have to take oral contraceptives to control my problem. Weight began increasing after I began the treatment.

I have become ill a few times in my life, and this has caused for my weight to increase and fluctuate per instance over the years. Each experience has been full of learning lessons and have been battles that have taught me how to listen to my body to try to make sense of what the problem may be. This allowed me to seek help and find solutions. It also taught me that some of these illnesses would persist for as long as they would no matter what I tried for healing, and I just had to wait for them to run their course.

Now that I have been able to treat the last instance of my illnesses, I am pain free, have lost some weight again, and feel healthier and happier. I have learned that no matter how old I am and even at this age, weight can still be lost even when it seems to be hard to accomplish. I want to now share this with others, especially women in my age group who also experience the same challenge and challenges, and to give them hope. I cannot guarantee that this will work for everyone but know how it feels when you have no knowledge, or not enough, to understand what may be happening to you or what to do when all else fails. Knowledge is powerful and when we do not see results, trying something new is worth it. I am sure many will agree with that statement when we have tried practically everything. There is not much to lose when you feel you have lost it all, when you are frustrated and depressed with your image, and nothing seems to work.

Helping Others by Sharing My Story

I know many people struggle with weight loss and their story is similar to mine. It is my hope that through me sharing my story they too can succeed on their goals of shedding some pounds thereby living a healthier life.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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